Thursday, October 28, 2010

True Love ♥

True Love ♥
By Chatiiwa Nlebesi (C)
Love is like a dove
It flies firmly like a dart
but it can also break your heart
thats one problem a girl faces
especially when she has braces

She faces a tough time at school
Cos no-one thinks she's cool
She meets this handsome guy
but she thinks its just a lie

Sarah takes a step closer
Hoping that they'll kiss
Just before that she feels this heavy bliss
Its his girlfriend!

Sarah runs away just feeling ashamed
Andy goes to her mum hopin to get sarah blamed
Sarah starts crying tellin andy she's sorry
Andy screams she's lying she was never crying
Matt saw all that stuff happenng

The next day he goes to sarah saying "sorry"
she just likes screaming so loud like a lorry
Then sarah kissed matt but she never felt the bliss
The were together forever and it was
True Love ♥
originally by Chatiiwa Nlebesii (C)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just published my first poem

Dear Diary
I just published my first poem on writers cafe. i thought i should post it there so people see it, they like it, then they come to my blog, it gets views and followers. i think i'm gonna stick to poetry. lets just see how it goes.
first poem.

Her Drug Days

Her Drug Days
by Chatiiwa Nlebesi (C)

She's feeling blue 
cos she lost her cool but
she was really famous
and now they think she's lame
The paparazzi can't leave her alone
now she's sitting at home
crying to mum on the phone

The next day gets even worse
cos she sees this random gang
sniffing coccaine like nuff nang
since she's bored she doesn't know what to do
so she says "hey can please have 1 too?"

And so thats when her drug days started
and now she feels like she can't stop
but everytime she has a sniff
she feels her pop
she starts to steal 
kicks a kid with an orange peel
then she starts smoking
she thinks she's just joking

9 months later she's in hospital
she's screaming;she's crying; she's making lots of noise
she gives life to a little pink boy
but when she walks outside 
she finds the daddy gone. she's alone because of

Her Drug Days

originally by Chatiiwa Nlebesii (C)

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Cape Town Trip

Dear Diary
I'm back from the Cape Town trip and i'm so tired! urgh i just thought i should add some pictures and a bit of info on what i saw.

Robben Island

This is called Robben island. It is where the great Nelson Mandela stayed for 27 years. why? because he wanted the blacks to be free from apartheid from the boers. he was born in 1918 and is currently 92 years old. i guess God blessed him with many years.

♥♥♥ LONG LIVE NELSON ♥♥♥ he is now also referd to as "madiba" and "all of africa's grandfather"

Table Mountain

Table Mountain was given its name because if you kind of look at the top, it has a table like surface.Using the Cableway <cable car> is the safest way to get up there. other ways are hiking but people are encouranged not to hike because of the baboons ans snakes.It is 1,087m above sea level

Two Oceans Aquarium

Two Oceans Aquarium
Two Oceans Aquarium
I went to the aquarium with my classmates to two oceans aquarium, located near the v & a waterfront. This is what o saw.

an octopus
the penguins of madagascar
and many more

Next time on BunnyHugz00;
-strange shoes?
-Miley and lium are getting married?

stay tuned. god bless

Hugo's Death

Dear Diary
yesterday i dreamt that hugo got hit by a car then he got ............. ok actually lemme start from the begginning
The gate was wide open <as always> so then usually hugo stays inside when the gate is open. but for some reason this time he decided to just run outside and then he went under a moving car. me and my aunt thought he'd be ok and maybe he just had some black grease on him. but then she ran to the end where it happened and she saw a little box and we both knew it was him.
i really really cried my eyes out. then i woke up and he ran into my room.
Thank God it didn't happen